The explosive growth of esports has led to rapid development in all areas of the industry, from improvements in broadcasting technology and increasingly impressive live event presentations to innovative ways of monetizing the esports audience to advanced game analytics that enhance professional teams’ match preparation. With ever-increasing prize pools on the line and skyrocketing team valuations, it has never been more important for esports organizations to protect and grow their investment by managing the wellbeing and training efficiency of their most valuable resource: their athletes.

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Recognizing the importance of player management, Shadow partnered with Performetric, a real-time, adaptive system that…

Shadow is excited to announce the release of a revolutionary new feature for our League of Legends clients: automated scrim data collection powered by the first commercially available computer vision technology for LoL teams, designed and tested in partnership with professional teams like Echo Fox.

Making Pro Teams’ Lives Better

We built this new tech to solve a major problem faced by every pro LoL team: lack of access to valuable game data from scrims. Since pro teams play their scrims on the Tournament Realm, it’s not possible to pull match data from the usual API. If a team wants to measure some aspect of… at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

On February 23 and 24, Shadow sent Tim Sevenhuysen, Head of Shadow Initiatives, and Chris Schetter, GM of Counter-Strike Tools, to attend the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston. The conference played host to many prestigious speakers, including the commissioners of the NBA and NHL, Adam Silver and Gary Bettman; the General Manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey; and President Barack Obama. Tim was invited to join a panel of experts on a panel about the use of analytics in esports, which you can watch here.

From left, Saira Mueller, Jeremy Lin, Ryan Edens, Sebastian Park, Brett Lautenbach, and Tim Sevenhuysen

While there were a ton of…

Like you, we at are still basking in the glow of Turner and IMG’s ELEAGUE Major: Boston. We held our breath, along with esports fans around the world, as Cloud9 closed out a double overtime win in map 3 against FaZe Clan, making history by becoming the first ever North American team to win a CS:GO Major.

The on-stage action was incredible, and so was the Turner Sports production that broadcasted the action to the world, setting Twitch viewership records in the process by amassing over 1.1 million viewers on a single channel and an overall peak of 1.4…

Shadow Analytics is game-changing analytics for the world’s best esports teams and broadcasters. Supporting CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2. Imprint:

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