Story about 3d shadow show from shadow theatre Delight

The amazing Love Story of a young couple succeeded to show by artists of shadow theater Delight in a genre new to the world such as the 3d shadow show. The shadow theater Delight succeeded to connect the holographic projection and the shadow theater into a single whole. The history of the theater’s artists is reminiscent of today’s life of Ukrainians who, not willingly, plunged into the world of devastation and military actions, where thousands of brave young men sacrifice their lives to protect their homeland and their home.

Shadow theatre Delight — 3D shadow show “Your war”

The story of a young couple, whose life fell at the beginning of the hostilities, shows how cruel fate can be today. Literally one moment and the explosions with the shots tore the couple apart on different sides, not allowing them to meet again and embrace.

Creating a room, the artists of the shadow theater used a holographic screen that allowed to make a three-dimensional image and a room full of special effects. Thanks to this screen it was possible to emphasize the military actions that took place during the number. Explosions from the gun, destroyed houses, flaming fire filled the picture.

Shadow theater Delight — Your war (video)

On the example of one young couple in the room it is shown that whoever you were not it can happen to everyone that you need to appreciate every moment that you have in your life.

Shadow theatre Delight has already managed to create several works in the genre of 3d shadow theatre, which fell in love with the viewer from the first second. Artists of the theatre began to work in this genre since 2016 and managed to please thousands of spectators with their productions

To create one play it takes quite a long time, because to put together a difficult task. One shadow play consists of several parts, and its creation occurs in several stages. One of the important moments is the connection in a single whole of all the pieces, the puzzle of which consists of the show.

In the arsenal of the theater there are already several rooms using 3d technologies, however, the shadow theatre Delight does not hurry to stop there. In the development of the theater there is a big hour-long production, over which the shadow theater Delight is working not for the first month. In this production, a huge number of 3D special effects will be used, and the actors’ play will not leave anyone indifferent.

3D shadow play show Cinderella from shadow theatre Delight

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