The Problem With Bernie or Bust
Casey Franklin

Ill tell you why. It’s because Hillary has alienated US in this campaign.

1. Bernie supporters all feel that the DNC has been rigging the debate schedule, and the media has been on a Bernie blackout until about a month ago. Not strictly Hillary’s fault (though I think she did play a role in it), but Bernie supporters have felt that their candidate wasn’t given fair treatment.

2. Some of the first things Hillary started saying, were “scale back your goals”, and “small steps”. To a VERY excited Bernie base this was insulting. It was saying “You just have day dreams, wake up, grow up”. The media did one worst by trying to label our excitement as simply “wanting free stuff.”

So now, Sanders supporters feel that their candidate hasn’t been given fair treatment, and that nobody understands our passion or our goals.

3. Hillary begins lying about positions Bernie doesn’t support. Such as him wanting to kill the ACA, that he is somehow pro-NRA, that he doesn’t support Obama. Many of us have been following him for MONTHS. And know his positions and knows these are blatant lies in order to win votes. Great for fooling those who don’t know the facts, but pisses off enthusiastic people who know the facts.

So now Sanders supporters feel that their candidate hasn’t been given fair treatment, that nobody understands our passions or our goals, and now we are pissed off at Hillary.

4. Then she makes likely one of the worst mistakes so far, calls him a ‘single issue candidate’. Despite the fact that he has issues on dozens and dozens of topics and we all have researched it deeply. Yes he does focus on campaign finance reform a lot. But even if that WAS the single issue he focused on, it’s an issue that affects EVERY issue. It’s like if the 1st amendment was repealed, then someone saying “WE NEED TO FIX THIS”, and some else say “yeah, yeah, but let’s not be single issue.” No, we can’t even freely talk about other things until this is fixed.

But what this really said to Bernie Supporters, isn’t “I’m not a single issue candidate”, but “Meh, I don’t really care about any particular issues”.

So dismissing ALL of the issues Bernie addresses while saying “We shouldn’t be worried about anything”.

So now, we don’t think we had a fair chance, we don’t think anyone understands our issues, we are pissed at Hillary’s lies, and we don’t think she really cares about anything, nor does she have any passion.

Then she blows a few big defeats and says “It’s over (when it’s not), fall in line”. Turing my passion into raw bitter hate.

The fact is, her campaigned is completely and utterly aimed at undecided voters with no thoughts or concerns for it’s affect on Bernie voters. She has not made 1 genuine effort to actually address our concerns or even recognize us. She has been nothing but hawkish and cold.

She has tried to unload some new proposals that she tries to label as ‘Bernie-ltie’. But I have no doubt these are all also lies, she has convinced me she will say anything that she thinks will get her elected. Rather she means it or not.

I am told to shutup, sit down, and eat cardboard when I still see a stake on the table. I don’t like being lied too, I don’t like being ignored, I don’t like being told to fall in line.

Hillary will need to WIN my vote, not simply assume she already has it. I’m not going to simply vote for someone I despise simply to avoid someone I despise more.

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