Racism: Trending Topic of 2017
Joel Leon.

I cannot even imagine why racism is now a “Trending Topic” unless the world has radically changed, it was and should remain a moral topic. Racism is never offensive, it is immoral on so many levels you cannot even find a single argument is morally and intellectually acceptable. I find that trivializing racism to a point of a “trend” is in fact morally repugnant. Just as repugnant as ignoring that racism can come from and be just as repulsive if done by black man as it is if done by any white man. Racism has its origins (I believe) in tribalism, that someone not being like you or belonging to your “tribe” is less worthy of existence. There is requisite for this, just ignorance. The author may be right to point out that recent events and political agendas have resulted in trivializing racism to the point of being a trend, and that is his opinion, it should be allowed and it is protected speech. But the real question should be why did society allow it to be a “trend” and not the moral question it should be. For that matter why did society allow racism to be ok in some instances rather than morally indefensible in all cases. That I believe is the question a moral and civilized people and society should be asking, instead of focusing on “trends”

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