Discovering Alaska

I was always told that one day someone would walk into your life and change everything. Whether it be for the better or for the worse. I never believed it because I never opened up to anyone enough to actually let them be the difference. Always found it better to be closed. Until I met that person. After I met them, it was hard for me to sink back into my hole. There was something about them. I knew I had to be careful, but then again I wanted to open up and talk about everything with them. I wanted to learn about who they were. What they had been through. I wanted to become close to them. I instantly loved them. Not only because they were beautiful, but because… Well I guess the heart knows a good one from the start. They are complicated. Hard to figure out. Just when you think you have an idea, they change and you’re back to square one. Most would give up on something like that. And honestly, I would too if it wasn’t this person. All I know is, no matter what they do, I will love them. To the ends of the world. And all I want from them is their happiness. Cause it makes me happy. I want them to never feel pain. I want there to be peace within them. And I want to help bring that to them. If only my mind wasn’t in the way and my tongue so illiterate, then maybe I could tell them and make them understand that someone cares for them deeply. Not only in a romantic way, but as a person. Their well-being is very important. Some would call this pathetic. And at times, I am. But, I call it priorities. Cause I found out who is important in my life, and I’m keeping them above everything else.

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