I’m holding on to all I’ve got. Lost deep in the void. Are these even my thoughts? Who is this stranger that’s taken me over? Controlling my mind and leaving myself behind. These thoughts only come when I’m sober. Hello Mr. Jack. My long lost friend. Can you help me forget these worries again? I’m desperate and in deep despair. My only comfort is knowing you are there. I can use you to help my state. You’ll never leave me whatever troubles I create. 1. 2. 3.. Shot after shot. Losing all focus on the insane thoughts. The voices in my mind are growing faint, but so is my logical state. My rational thinking slowly leaves me. The darkness consumes me completely. The thoughts I was trying so hard to drown are suddenly on repeat but louder now. My self therapy didn’t work. I’ll torture myself, enjoying the hurt. It’s becomes strange to me. The thing that I ran to for help, has now succeeded in destroying what’s left of me.

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