Alone. I sit in the silence while my thoughts consume my being. My demons go from imagination to reality. They become all to real to me. I feel. I see. I hear. They’re calling my name. Reminding me that this false sense of hope I have built for myself is nothing more than a lie. Even when I think I have escaped they come back to remind me that it’s still not over. That they are still at large in the deepest parts of my mind. Maybe that’s why humans can only access 10% of their mind. Cause if I could access all of mine only God knows what I would see or what would happen to me. My ears ring out. The real world around me is blurred out. It doesn’t exist. The only thing that seems true are the things that are escaping my head and playing out in front of me. I scream out loud but no one hears me. Cause I am.. Alone.

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