Rohingya Muslims.

Bright Blessings to you, and your people, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Well, things are looking tough for Aung San Suu Kyi and the Buddhist population of Myanmar.

It seems that the whole world is ganging up on Myanmar. Even the ‘alternative’ perspective of hackers “Anonymous” is putting out utterly one-sided information, just like mainstream media. Those likeable chaps of Al-Qaeda in Yemen and Indonesia have called for all Muslims to call a Jihad on Myanmar in support of the Rohingya Muslims of Bangladesh, who have, illegally, crossed into the Rakhine region of its neighbouring country, Myanmar.

The fact is, that the Rohingya, are illegal immigrants who are not welcome in Myanmar. The 1.5 million Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, are, officially, a minority group with no citizenship in Myanmar. However, they are not a minority in the Rakhine region where they have, densely, settled. In the Rakhine region they are the majority. They buy property in Rakhine, but will only sell property to other Muslims. They have introduced Sharia Law into the Rakhine region of Buddhist Myanmar, and have gang-raped Buddhist women who do not ‘cover up’. Buddhist women have not been safe in the Rakhine region. This is unacceptable. Yet, this is not reported by the mainstream media, nor even by “Anonymous”, who are “legion” & “do not forget” — unless the truth hurts, that is. Have “Anonymous” ‘forgotten’ that it was a Buddhist REACTION to the raping of Buddhist women by Rohingya Muslim men that caused the initial attacks upon Rohingya villages by Buddhists. Has “Anonymous” ‘forgotten’ that no-one forced these illegal immigrants to leave Bangladesh and enter Myanmar. Have “Anonymous” ‘forgotten’ that, despite a period of relative stability, the Rohingya Muslims attacked Buddhist Myanmar police. Just to be clear, this was an organised group of Rohingya, armed with guns, intent on murdering Myanmar policemen. In Britain, France, USA, Spain, in fact almost all countries around the world, we would call this TERRORISM. Why is it different in Myanmar?

Funnily enough, in a twisted truth, it is the TERRORIST group Al-Qaeda who offer the first support to Rohingya Muslims — and what support is that — violence, death, and distortion of the noble Jihad.

Some crazy fools want the West to arm and train the Rohingya into an organised fighting force. Do these idiots want a similar situation to Syria? Where thousands of years of culture is turned into rubble. Do they want Myanmar to become unstable, and a haven for terrorists?

So, what is the solution? The Rohinya Muslims came from Bangladesh, uninvited and unwelcome. They should return to Bangladesh. The Buddhist populace of Myanmar has had enough of them. It is not genocide, nor is it a crime against humanity, to deport illegal immigrants, using force where neccessary, back to where they came from. Buddhist military are RESPONDING to illegal acts by Rohingya against civilians, military, and police forces of Myanmar by burning down Rohingya villages, so that the majority of Rohingya flee back to Bangladesh. Some Rohingya are insurgents, who are resisting the actions of the Myanmar military. These insurgents, who have refused to flee, have been shot. In time, there will be no Rohingya in Myanmar, and the Rakhine region will, once again,be a safe place for Myanmar Buddhist women to live.

This pandering to political correctness by Western; mainstream media, politicians, and humanitarian non-governmental organisations, must stop. People need to hear the truth. Not just a one-sided story, completely biased towards the Rohingya.

Saudi Arabia funds, arms, and trains, Wahhabi terrorists. (fundamentalist Islamic extremists who believe that all non-Wahhabis are infidels, including all other Muslims) Groups who are beneficiaries of Saudi Arabia are ISIS, Al-Qaeda, El-Shebbab, and Boko Haram. All of these groups are blatant, evil, Islamic, terrorists.

The really twisted bit in this tragedy, is that there are British, and American; CEOs, politicians (Including Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May), and companies full of employees, who know this to be true, and yet they continue to manufacture, and sell, military hardware (from each individual bullet to state-of-the-art jets) to Saudi Arabia, as well as train Saudis in how to use these instruments of death. The Saudis pass this on to TERRORISTS. The Saudis are complicit in worldwide Islamic terrorism.

Why is there not a Boycott, Disinvest, & Sanction (BDS) campaign against Saudi Arabia? Because the Saudis have vast wealth, that’s why.

At the end of the day the penniless Rohingya Muslims are expendable Saudi pawns who are being armed and trained by Saudi Arabian terrorist groups at the behest of Saudi Arabia — Saudi princes would rather see their Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalist ideology painted in blood in Myanmar, than invest in improving the lives of Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh. But has the Saudi money been squandered on instruments of death for too long? Saudi Arabia has just applied for a $10 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. If the money runs out, the political landscape will change forever.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a wonderful, astute, intelligent, and compassionate, woman who is an obvious patriot of Myanmar. She is also a pragmatist. She knows that any comment on the situation will only inflame it. In remaining silent on the Rohingya situation, she is doing the best thing for her country — which is exactly what she is supposed to do.

Karlito 2017