Phase 2 — Growing The Shroud

Going back to the “Why” of our project, we are passionate in growing the NFT space in the Polygon Network while allowing both new and existing NFT collectors the opportunity to participate in having variations of popular collections. This is why our Shadowfied collections are free!

Opening Doors

Although we had a successful launch and having the Shadowfied BAYC (SBAYC) collection fully minted, we are most happy about being able to be the ones to open the doors for new NFT collectors on the Polygon space. There was a good amount of people mentioning in our social channels that the Shadow Verse was their first ever mint or first ever NFT! This is what it’s about!

As mentioned in previous posts, the Shadow Verse will be a multi-series collection of “Shadowfied” popular collections.

Immediate Next Steps

  • Nov 2021: New NFT Marketplace Integration and integrate Rarity Rank tool
  • Q4, 2021: The Second Eclipse Begins! Launch new Shadowfied collection.
    DATE: Dec 2021
  • EARLY 2022: The Third Eclipse Begins! Launch new Shadowfied collection.
    DATE: Feb 2022
  • EARLY 2022: Shadowfied Special Edition NFT Airdropped from other upcoming third-party Polygon collections for SBAYC holders

Learn more about what the Shadowfied Special Edition NFT Airdrop is all about.

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Shadow Verse NFT

Shadow Verse NFT

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