An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

This letter is so full of shit but were to even begin first a hack is a hack no matter how much you sugar coat it were it be location spoofing or hidden data collection you made something that gave people an edge so they could catch what they want wen it spawned and to every hypocrite saying that “the game got bad after pokevision was shut down” and “the players need a way to track pokemon” I will remind you that the classic games you hold so dear didn't have a tracking system it was literally a random spawn you figured out like “oh i can get mankeys here” so don’t give me that shit. second you say that you made pokevision as a temporary solution and planed to take it down wen the in game tracking got fix i call bullshit on that no matter how good the tracking got that wouldn't have stopped you because of the specific data you pulled why run around looking wen pokevision would tell me the spawn point and timer on it and maybe think that the time passed and niantic did nothing because after the hack gates you help to open they had to deal with a whole new threat to their game so in conclusion niantic didn't put the game in danger the shity players did that, because why would niantic not want to make this world wide phenomenon a success and like some said why didn't you offer your help to the company and tried a little harder to help the game you say you love and stop trying to glorify yourself

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