Start-Put the meat on the grill…..

Here goes everything! I’ve never thought of myself as a great writer, but I’ve decided to overcome my fears and give it a shot! To start, my name is Shadrach! Most of my friends and family call me Shad, lucky for you I go by both. I’m the the Co-Founder of Lite App and have been in the startup world for about 10 months now. This literally has to be the most exciting 10 months I’ve experienced in my 25 years on this earth. Trying to turn an idea into a product has been by far one of most difficult/coolest things I’ve ever tried to do.

Eddy Gramajo (Co-Founder) and I were discussing our idea for at least 3 months before we started executing. We would constantly text each other and say things like “dude we need to get on this, people need this app” or send each other articles that talk about the lack of knowledge millennials have when it comes to financial literacy. At that time we definitely have identified the problem, we just needed to figure out how to solve it.

Some time in early September we finally sat down and did the hardest part of pursuing entrepreneurship, we started! As my dad use to always to say “put the meat on the grill.” Surprisingly enough, nine months later Lite App is in Beta, and we are helping millennials learn about personal finance one download at time.

I know it feels like starting is the hardest part, but the only way you are going to get to the finish line is to start the race. Believe in yourself and have the mindset that execution is key! Same thing goes for this blog, I’ve been planning to blog for some time now, and I finally started. After you start the process doesn’t necessarily get easier, but you definitely get better at what you are doing. Practice makes perfect! Next time I’ll dive into our first steps of starting Lite App. Keep up the Lite movement and START your free journey towards financial fitness! Sign up for our Beta at