Get Ready! DevFest Cebu 2017 is coming!

In 2015, I was given the privilege to work with the Google Developer Group (GDG) as the local community lead for Cebu. Even though Cebu wasn’t really my hometown, but deep inside it feels more like home. I was naive in organizing tech events. I didn’t know exactly how to start and was blissfully unaware of the challenges in organizing local events.

I had my first challenges when I only had 2 people to help me organize an event. Each has their own priorities and responsibilities. I realized that it was a need to improve the organization and grow the team. I needed a group that is committed to help organize these events voluntarily, create an avenue for developers to learn from the experts, drive knowledge to the community and let them explore endless possibilities.

I would say, organizing the DevFest might be one of the hardest among our events. It takes months to prepare, plan and do things. It’s a branded event that GDG is proud to have, and it happens simultaneously around the world. For us developers and Google product lovers, it’s the event we’ve all been waiting for.

DevFest 2016 with over 1000+ attendees

GDG isn’t Google

Many people think that GDG is Google. It’s not. Google Developer Group is an independent volunteer group/organization of enthusiasts and daily users of Google technologies. We’re almost the same as the Python, Dribbble, and other local tech communities, except Google Developer tools are a lot. We are driven by one thing, our passion for technology.

GDG isn’t a Free Shirt event

Let’s face it! A lot of our attendees would most likely remember us as the event of the year that gives out free shirts, lunch and snacks. Yes, I agree we’re so generous! But in order for us to achieve that, we spend countless hours sending out sponsorships, hustling over the phone, meeting people outside office hours to have a really great event. We always want to have something for our participants. For me, I think, it’s just pure love! Sadly, there are no free shirts this time! But, they are for sale! ;)

GDG isn’t a paid event to demand

Weeks of preparation, blood, sweat and tears were shed to organize an event as big as DevFest. We needed to make sure everything is good for our audience and our sponsors. That is always something we want to achieve and we strive to leave a legacy in every tech enthusiast in Cebu. But sometimes, you can never ignore the fact that there will always be people who will complain about our events, even though they never gave a cent to help it. Petmalu! Werpa!

DevFest ’16 Getting ready for the next session.

GDG is organized by volunteers (not paid by Google)

Some people think that we are paid to do these events. Guess what, we are not. We do everything voluntarily. We are in fact supported by Google. But not entirely. They provide us financial support, yet, we still need to run our own local sponsorship to help raise more money for the event. It’s not easy but it’s worth it when we see everyone had enjoyed the event. (Don’t forget to answer the feedback form!)

Last year’s organizers and volunteers

GDG is Community-driven

We just love Google. We believe in Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful. We believe that through sharing, we can become better people. We collaborate, communicate and get involved to a bigger purpose of using these technologies. We become one in purpose and passion. That is what community is all about and that is what drives us all.

GDG is supported by local companies

One thing I love the most about Cebu is we have some great local companies that support GDG and other communities. One example is Symph, a web development company, who dedicated some of their resources to help the community. We also have several amazing corporate partners that have been very supportive in our mission to help the local developers community.

GDG is Awesome in Cebu!

Google Developer Group Cebu has been in Cebu for more than 5 years. Organizing this year’s 5th DevFest is truly amazing and we are so grateful to the people who made GDG more awesome! Including you! We are looking forward to more events and more years to come for the local community. I believe GDG Cebu will become a sustainable volunteer organization that organize meet-ups and events that helps developers learn, create awesome apps and solutions that eventually change our world. Awesome! lodi!

Now, GDG Cebu has 20 core organizers, over 70+ student and professional volunteers and a massive 8,500+ total participants who joined our event through the years. We are always excited to have you join our team! Let us know if you’re interested to become one of our awesome volunteers!

DevFest GDayX Cebu 2017

Why you should join this year’s DevFest?

This year’s DevFest is no ordinary event. We’ve prepared a lot for this event which we hope you would totally enjoy! We partnered, for the first time, with Google Business Group Cebu to create an avenue for entrepreneurs to meet with developers. Developers can help these entrepreneurs in creating amazing solutions for their SMEs, at the same time allow the entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and opportunities with them. We have also invited great speakers to share all about their expertise in Google technologies, Web, Cloud and mobile development, and Business.

Sold-out Tickets, VIP tickets still available

We know all our free tickets are sold out, that’s almost 1,500 slots given for free! But you can always support us by becoming one of our OREO VIP or Proud Supporter! We’re very happy and excited! Stay Awesome! See you all in DevFest gDayX 2017!

Shad Roi de la Cruz
Community Manager
GDG Cebu 2017