8760 hours — 106, Tips on winning at eCom

No, that doesn’t mean Dropshipping on Teespring.

There’s a very clear direction where you should go if you want to win, get there first and dominate the market.

I don’t mean that lightly, too many FBAers and eCom guys n’ gals are so focused on quick bucks and individual products. But happens when you get hijacked? When someone copies your idea? When someone beats you to the punch?

Take your mindset right now, what are you focusing on? Let me tell you, if you’re doing over $83k a month and a lot of my readers and friends are, you’re probably still stuck in the same horizontal mindset. Slowly increasing your product range or SKUs, slowly increasing your ad spend.

Private Label.

If you don’t have a product that you can truly own, you do not own the future of your business. As simple as that. There are too many risks and attackers out there. It might not be tomorrow, next week or even next month. If you want to do well, you have to sell. If you really start selling, people are going to take notice and try and copy what you’re doing. Take teatox trees, black peel face mask and fidget spinners. There’s an army of people out there being taught how to use tools like Jungle Scout and niche Hunter on a daily basis. You have to make the barrier to entry such that they don’t even want to compete. How many FBAers do you know going into smartphones, running shoes or something like that?

Change up Sales Platforms.

Not channels, platforms. Are you selling though just Amazon, just shopify, just instagram, just facebook? A click of a finger and you are gone. G.O.N.E. Create something that you have control over, multiple times. If one fails, you still have others. Always be looking to cover your own ass. Build more ways for people to buy your product and you will sell more of your product.

Change up Sales Channels.

Everyone is on the Facebook hype train. Facebook is cheap, but so is pinterest, snapchat, reddit. You know what’s even cheaper? Content and the Organic traffic. Didn’t think about that, did you?


Private Label then Brand. Build the story, the ethos. Create repeat customers, learn about your customers, rapidly build new products that fits their wants and desires. You’re doing too little if you just stick shitty products on a shopify site and drive traffic through it. If you’re in the top 10% you’ll make a couple of $k a month from this. This isn’t good enough. The longevity of this all is fading, anyway, it won’t carry on working forever. Seriously, look at the bigger picture.


Easy for me to say since I run an agency. But if you’re the main guy or a two woman team, it’s unlikely you can scale to where you need to be without serious help. Whether that be a PPC expert, whether that be someone to build out a shopify store. Spend your time on the things you’re good at, get other people in to do the things they’re good at.

Change the Goal posts.

Oh, you’re getting Ad rot in the US? Only targeting English speaking countries? What about Sweden, Germany, Japan, Russia, the other 3.5 Billion internet connected people in this world? No one is doing this. If you do it, you apply the Western competitiveness that you’ve had to use to beat the market, you win, you dominate. Think ultra-macro. Think about politics and economics of certain regions. Selling beauty, Brazil, Russia, South Korea. What do you sell? Where else in the world would people really be into your products? Is the infrastructure there to sell it there? Does the Cost of Living make sense for the product, does the spending per capita for your niche make sense? Not sure, TEST!

There are just general things I’ve noticed. Too many small fish in a very, very large pond. When you start getting big, go for the lowest hanging fruits. Diversify out, protect yourself while at the same time bringing ROI. Think on a larger, more macro scale. Look at the bigger picture, where you are in 2 years, 5 years down the line. If you think it’s going to be even remotely close to what you’re doing now, then you have to be more innovative than the competition. Business 101, yet so many are failing to see this.

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