Why You Need Security Guards?

Security Guards

To prevent any sort of crime or to protect yourself, you might need to hire a Security Guard for yourself or your company. So, if you have decided that you need to hire one, here is a guide on how you can hire a best of one.

Hiring a security guard might seem like an extra burden on you financially, but it is an important decision that you can make. The reason why is, that a guard is an important investment to make sure that they can provide you safety and security.


Even if you do install the latest security equipment in your premises, you do need someone to keep an eye on them as they might not be working.

They will help guard your premises especially at night when most of the activities take place. Most of them also have license to arrest an intruder, therefore they can control the situation better.

They can also make night rounds which is better so that everyone stays alert. They can detain any suspect and also inform the police or any other rescue services.

What to look for in a Security Guard?

When you are looking to hire a security guard, you will get a lot of different types and skill sets. Here are a few important factors to take note of:

  • He should be well-trained and experienced in his field. A fresh person will not be able to provide the right amount of security
  • He should be licensed to work in the country or state that you live in. He should also have an authentic and updated license on any sort of arms he carries
  • He should be well informed on how to check and operate any sort of security equipment
  • He should have good reviews and feedback from his previous employers
  • He should be calm and collected under pressure and lead well
  • He should be excellent in observation so that he can take note of any suspicious and abnormal activities
  • He should be reliable and not sleep on his job timings or disappear without prior notice
  • He should also have an experience in CPR and First Aid
  • He should have a clear background history and cleared

Now, you need to create a detailed description of what you are looking for in a security guard. His job description should have the following things mentioned clearly:

  1. The timings of guarding
  2. His level of security required
  3. His salary
  4. Whether arms are required or not
  5. Any other specific requirement

Now, you can post this job as ads anywhere you want to. You can also contact any Security Guards Company which can provide you the number of guards you need to have and also considering any special requirements.

If you want to hire from a company, you need to first do a background check on the company, read reviews and feedbacks about them in detail.

You should also sign a proper legal document or a contract so that there is no problem later on.

When you start receiving applications or calls, you may need to arrange a one on one meeting with them to get to know them and interview in detail.

Interviewing is really important to get to know their background, their education, skills and any past experiences they may have had.

There are also other important things you can discuss, like:

  • How do they manage an active conflict? They can also share any such experience related to it.
  • Using weapons and arms, any experience in it
  • How do they respond to a situation of theft, vandalism or burglary
  • Also any unpleasant experience they may have had



Digital Marketing Expert, love to explore the world and the technology that is connecting it. I'm libra so don't try to cross me ✌❤

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Shahrukh Sadiq

Shahrukh Sadiq

Digital Marketing Expert, love to explore the world and the technology that is connecting it. I'm libra so don't try to cross me ✌❤