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I think many people forget that Mexico and its people are our neighbors.

What if Christians practiced what they preached? If you advocate for poor to be shut out and imprisoned, are you really loving your neighbor? When did riches and comfort become what Jesus advocated for you to attain?

I want to begin with this to anyone who is reading: I love you, and it is not my job to argue or be angry with you. However, our nation is hurting, and I want to bring that to attention in Biblical terms.

The phrase “what would Jesus do,” though extremely cliche, very well illustrates the disconnect I feel many people have with…

Movie Review: Spoiler Alert

By Shaelyn Saraceni on September 25 2016

Disney has done it again with a fantastic new twist on a favored classic, inviting the Audience to relive the magic through Pete and his dragon.

In recent years, the much beloved Disney Studios have done a phenomenal job at reviving some of its most quintessentially classic films: The Jungle Book, Cinderella, Tarzan, and more. Disney is pushing the limits of CGI, especially in re-creating exceptional characters. In the very near future of 2017 we can also expect the new live-action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson (well known as Hermione Granger…

“More than 16 percent of women are sexually assaulted while in college” according to The Hunting Ground, a documentary about college rape. This percentage is disturbingly high. Unfortunately, American society is not only unhelpful in exterminating the acute problem of women being sexualized, but also perpetuates the prevalence of objectifying women. Since women are being objectified, both their assertiveness and confidence are being eroded. As a result, women are silenced about being sexualized, allowing rapists and rape culture to prevail. Women are being objectified at the root of societal dealings: the media, the public, and the schools.

Women are held…

During his freshman year of high school, Ricardo Mejia weighed about 250 pounds at five feet eight inches tall. He experienced discomfort during almost every physical activity, even walking. When he was fifteen, being unhappy with his current condition, he started reading about different solutions to losing weight. He began changing his diet, cutting out packaged and processed food, and introducing healthier options. By seventeen, he weighed 185 pounds at six feet one inch tall, and felt better about himself than he ever had.

Childhood obesity has indisputably become an epidemic for Americans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

Shaelyn Saraceni-Ingalls

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