What is the purpose of ‘having a purpose’?

The purpose of having a purpose is not to reach that purpose.

The most important thing about having a purpose is the adventure you experience in the way of reaching the purpose.

You are the passenger in your journey. The journey is your life and your way to success. Yes, most of you will fail. The survivors will be most hardworking and more lucky people. So why will you not be one of them?

There was a saying that “If you want to guess future accurately, then invent it.” I aggre with the saying and what important is here now creating the future we want. If you do not someone else will and I am asking you right now. Do you want to live in a world that created by someone else or created by someone like you? Or by you. The choice is yours and literally your future is in your hands.

Your spare time decides who you are and your living standarts. Do you choose watching TV or working for your dreams to make them become real? If you choose latter, good for you otherwise you will accept the consequences. You may have shitty life or you may be happy it depends on you.

By the way, I am not saying your life purpose is to be happy. I am not the decision maker here. The only person who can decide this is nobody but you.

In my opinion, the purpose of having purpose is the feelings, memories or experiences you gather in the way of your dream. Yours may be differ. You define your purpose, not anyone else. Or your purpose of having a purpose and any other purposes in your life. Every decide you make you will be watching yourself.