I have asked some of my friends about their activities now a days.Getting messages after a long time made them enable to show their fuss which was embedded in their hearts.Most of my friends are going through the phase of depression due to family problems,One of them wants to get education further,but her parents are compelling her to start a new relationship with her cousin without taking into consideration her desires. Three of my friends,Ayesha, Maliha,and Erum want to get their desired jobs.

Since 6 years ago, I was a self-centered girl.I always wanted to hear, what I want.I did all what I want.I got admission in Punjab college without caring about my mother wish to go me in Lahore college.With the passage of time, I realized the people whom I was everything,started to give me place in nothing. Because I was caring more about myself than the people around me.This thing made me separate from the people whom I loved most.Likewise,some of the people I was not talking from many times seemed confused and distressed talking to me.They want to save their time, because when they wanted me to talk with them, I I didn’t have enough time.Today they don’t have time for these questions.Life is a race, every one is in competition to prove herself better.

  1. The first lesson is people are self-centered,they always want to hear what is significant for them.Try to mould yourself a little bit for the sake of your betterment, For instance, you’re not going to have things what your desired for always, better to take interest in things which are most suitable for you.
  2. Give a room of acceptance to other’s individuality.It can save you from being alone.Try to show your sincerety towards all.
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