Solve It Like Jeeves!

In 1915, the great novelist P.G Wodehouse created a character called Reginald Jeeves.

Jeeves is an intelligent and infallible valet of Bertie Wooster.

One day Bertie’s friend Rockmetteller Todd paid him a visit in New York.

Todd lived in countryside far away from New York.

He is a sluggish chump who wrote poems occasionally, and spends rest of the life lazing around.

No doubt he earned handful of money from his poems.

But his major allowance came from his Aunt living in Illinois.

His Aunt had a desire to experience the lavish and prismatic night life of New York.

But she cannot travel because of her bad health.

So she wanted Todd to leave his lazy countryside life and settle down in the midst of New York.

He should attend all the reveling parties, befriend socialites, visit exotic places and have fun.

Then he should write a letter to her at least once a week explaining all the activities he had been engaged.

All the expenses would be paid by her.

But Todd hated New York and parties.

The only reason he came to New York once in a blue moon was to meet the editors.

He loved his countryside life hanging lazily in pajamas and observing the earthworms.

But he cannot say No to his aunt.

Because she will stop his allowance and discharge him from her will.

So he came to Bertie for help.

Bertie directed the problem towards Jeeves.

As expected, Jeeves came up with a solution.

He suggested Todd to hire someone who can enjoy in New York on behalf of him and write letters to her Aunt.

Jeeves even volunteered himself for this mission.

Everyone agreed with Jeeves.

Todd went back to his hideout.

Jeeves got engaged in attending New York supper parties and writing letters to her Aunt on behalf of Todd.

Everything was working as per the plan, till one day when the Aunt made a surprise visit at Bertie’s place.

The letters that were posted to her Aunt had the sender address of Bertie’s Mansion. So she took this place as Todd’s mansion.

And she was so overwhelmed by the letters that she came to New York to experience the life by herself.

She mistook Bertie as a freeloader friend of Todd, and even ordered him to leave the Mansion so that she and Todd can live peacefully.

Jeeves somehow managed to telegram Todd informing him of the unpleasant situation.

Poor Bertie left his mansion to settle down in some hotel, and Todd came running to New York.

He took her Aunt to all those places that Jeeves had mentioned in the letters.

He was uncomfortable in wearing Berties clothes and acting as a party animal.

But he had no other choice.

Her Aunt started questioning about the socialites mentioned in the letters.

Todd knew that her Aunt’s suspicion was growing day by day.

As the days passed his Aunt became a mere silent spectator, as if something was troubling her.

She was no longer interested in partying and meeting people.

And one fine day she drop the bomb.

She apologize to Todd for sending him in this hell.

She no longer wants him to be a part of the sinful and drunken activities of New York.

She wanted Todd to go back to his countryside life.

Was this a miracle?


It was a plan hatched by Jeeves.

One day, in the absence of Todd, she commanded Jeeves to drop her at a social gathering.

But Jeeves acting like he misunderstood her, escorted her to a religious gathering of a famous and staunch preacher Jimmy Mundy.

As her seat was in middle of the row, she could not leave the sermon inconveniencing others.

So she had to sat through and listen all of it.

She felt guilty after listening to preacher’s harsh words.

She felt that this sermon was a message from God.

So she decided to release Todd from this hell.

Todd went to countryside lying in pajamas and watching earthworms.

Aunt went back to Illinois.

Bertie got his mansion back.

Without arguing or explaining, Jeeves solved the problem creatively.