The Dead End


‘Vigilante strikes again. Killed two drug peddlers near 32 Delt Street,’ Lt. Gate complained as he tossed the newspaper on the table.

‘And, read this headline,’ Lt. howled. ‘ Is the Vigilante a ray of hope for this crime-ridden town.’

‘A ray of hope- you hear?’

‘What do you think Mark?’

‘Me, Sir?’ replied the young detective who was a silent spectator till now.

‘Yes. Do you think that our Police force has failed to protect this city?’

‘We do our best to protect this city. And I do not support vigilantism, Sir.’

‘But the citizens of this town are supporting this vigilante.’ complained Lt. Gate.

‘Why you have joined the police force, Mark?’

‘To keep this town safe’ replied Mark.

‘And have you been successful in performing your duties’?

Detective Mark did not answered. He glanced at Lt. Gate and then shifted his eyes on the table which was occupied with the news-papers praising the Vigilante.

‘That’s it Mark. We cannot be proud of ourselves.”

‘I swear Mark, I won’t live in peace until I catch this vigilante — a ray of hope,’ declared Lt. Gate with utmost vim.

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