How to better maintain people’s sport shoes such as air max 2014?

It is indeed that most of today’s people do not know how to better maintain their sport shoes such as Cheap Nike Free Run from The following factors will tell people how to deal with the related problems about this area.

If the sport shoes such as Air Max 2015 are dirty, people can use a brush with washing liquid to brush the shoes. When it is in the brushing process, the force should not be too large. On the other hand, it cannot be used nail or other sharp tool to pull the shoe twists area. The expert from website has said that the soaking time should be not more than 20 minutes. On the other hand, the leather face of sports shoes could not be soaked in water. When the washing process is over, people should clean the shoes such as Discount Nike Free Shoes women with clean water. The drying for shoes could not be directly under the sunlight. The drying with the sunlight or hair dryer will typically reduce the life of shoes such as Nike free run shoe.

If the shoes such as air max 2014 would not been worn for a long time after washing, people should wash this kind of shoes totally and store them in a cool ventilated place where could avoid moldy of shoes. On the other hand, people should also fill the inside of shoes such as Nike air max 2014 with some paper balls which could hold up the shoes and prevent deformation.

People who often need outside training or outdoor enthusiasts should prepare more than two pairs of shoes such as Nike air max 2014. In normal time, people should not wear running shoes or walking shoes for basketball, soccer and other strenuous exercise. The artificial tanning leather shoes and nylon mesh fabric would be easier to be maintained. People could wash them by hand and they should not soak or use the washing machine. The laces of shoes should be washed by soap water.

For the drying of white shoes such as Nike Nike Free NZ , people should put some wet tissues on the shoe so that white shoes will not become yellow. For the mesh shoes such as Nike free run shoes, people could use old toothbrush wet wipe from the inside to outside.


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