The Uber Lifestyle of Modern Uptown Pseudo Independent Metro Girl

Shafique Gajdhar
Nov 26, 2017 · 3 min read
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She earns X, leads a lifestyle of 1.5X.

Look at the spending habits of these uptown metro girls. The clothes they wear, the places they go for holiday, the pubs they visit, the money they spend, the income they have that doesn’t just add up.

It doesn’t add up because any independent person CANNOT consistently spend more than 100% of their income without living off due credit card bills or without borrowing money from near ones.

I have had the unpleasant privilege of observing from close quarters the lifestyle of some girls. A segment of them fall under what I refer as Modern Uptown Pseudo Independent Metro Girls. Here, I go about jotting those hypocritical attributes that define these pseudo-independent, convenient feminist, two-faceted uptown metro girls.

Truth about girls vs boys lifestyle. A guy earning x will lead a life with .5x lifestyle, whereas a girl will lead a 1.5x lifestyle.

Jotted below are some common attributes that define them:

  • Her father pays rent for her lavish flat with balcony, AC, heater and what not. The rent is ranging between 60%-100% of what she earns.
  • Uses her father’s credit card to buy all the things she wants and her debit card for all the things she needs.
  • Rich boyfriend takes her to expensive restaurants. She insists to pay but eventually he pays. He fails to get it. She succeeds.
  • She clicks photos of food to share on Instagram. Her boyfriend lets her dig a hole in his pocket, clicks her pictures, and she shows off her uber lifestyle on Social Media.
  • She always books Uber, autos are mainstream and moreover the dust, pollution, heat will spoil her skin. Even booking Ola is below her as Uber has class according to her.
  • She has a sense of matching clothing that will put a DNA analysing scientist to shame. Which Jeans goes with which top, which top goes with which footwear and which belt goes with the footwear, which footwear goes with the occasion. If only, these were used to explain permutation/combination, she’d be better at Math. And, numbers are not her cup of tea.
  • She’s the nachos, pop corn, and ultra costly water consumer of PVR on every weekend. She gets dressed for movies. Animation is her thing, plus Bollywood is too mainstream, so only English.
  • She doesn’t understand taxes. [this is too generic, but my sample had this in common 😉 ]
  • She goes to gym, the color of her yoga pants is matched to the day of week. Pink on Wednesday, red on Friday, and black on Monday.
  • She uses moisturiser- before/after taking bath, before/after washing hands, or someone else taking bath/washing hands. Basically all the freaking time.

You know who you all are. After reading this, given you read, you’ll curse me for being a jerk who wrote most of it here. That’s alright by me. Moreover, thanks for letting me witness the manipulation, double-speak, hypocrisy etcetera. I learnt a lot. And, allow me to give due credits to you for making this post possible. 😉😉😉

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