Facing the fear

This activity of facing the fear by raising fund for Edhi foundation was overall excellent experience. This activity truly represents the team working, team coordination and team management skills. We all coordinated with each other and divide team in sub teams to accumulate maximum funds for Edhi foundation. One team consists of three members Shafiq Ur Rehman, Sajjad Ali and Mubarak. We collected funds from Punjab university boys hostels. First we planned what to do to collect maximum funds and how. So we got permission letter from Amal academy.

Next step was what we should tell people why and for what purpose we are collecting funds. The fear we faced that how people will react as before mostly funds that collected from public was used in terrorist activities. It was very difficult to convince that we are collecting funds for Edhi foundation they were suspects that their funds would use for wrong purpose .But we convince them by telling about our project activity and about Amal academy how they already helps Pakistani Youth in making their career successful. Most of them were impressed by academy work performance and gave us funds. We collected almost RS 1700. This was really amazing response from students of Punjab University. We overcome our fears by thinking that we are collecting funds for EDHI foundation that was really proud moment for us.

Second team consists of two members Miss Iram and Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Mubahir Khursheed. They collected funds from their family members, that was proud moment for them as they were collecting fund for Edhi Foundations they are also collecting funds today and we will submit funds during session.