In Person Drop

Going extra mile by dropping a resume and cover letter was a unique experience I dropped resume in many companies before this course and that was interesting thing to go for job searching and talk to gatekeeper to allow you to get in the company. But I did prepare myself for any resume drop activity I just went there and hand over resume to gatekeeper or any responsible person in the company. Now I regret that why I cannot get a single call for job as I did not prepare elevator pitch, not search for the company and just randomly applied for many jobs on same resume.

But now for this time I prepared for this drop I researched for PEL as I applied to job online for the post of Design Engineer. I updated my resume and Cover letter accordingly to the job description. I practiced for elevator pitch and have planned to drop resume and cover letter in person on coming Saturday. For this time I am more confident, excited and prepared for this activity. I would share my experience in session.

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