Shafraz Rahim
Feb 2, 2017 · 2 min read

Ideamart is a multi operator platform which allow developers and non developers to build telco based applications by using Dialog Axiata PLC & Hutchinson Telecommunications Sri Lanka programmable telco infrastructure capabilities exposed through APIs and wizard based templates.

This tutorial will be focusing on how to create an IdeaPro application (offering focusing on developers to mashup API offerings) has 5 main parts which will be explained separately through video tutorials.

  1. Part 1 of the tutorial will explain how to create a simple Php based SMS sending and receiving script.

Download the sample code from

Watch Part 1 of the tutorial

2. Part 2, Creating an Ideamart account and requesting for a hosting space

Watch Part 2 of the tutorial

3. Part 3, Uploading the built Php script to hosting space

Watch Part 3 of the tutorial

4. Part 4, Provisioning (registering) your application, obtaining the app id and the password and checking in limited production

Watch Part 4 of the tutorial

5. Part 5, Testing the application in active production.

Users will have to subscribe to your application by typing REG<space><keyword> (Eg : Jedi) and by sending to your defined short code (Eg : 77100). For this application SMS commands are as below. Demo application is a free of charge.

To subscribe — REG<space>JEDI and send to 77100

To get a message from the app — JEDI<space><your name> and send to 77100.

[Only white listed users can send broadcast messages] For white listed users — JEDI<space>GO<space><Message needs to be broadcast among subscribers>

Unregistering from the app — UNREG<space>JEDI and send to 77100

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