Don’t give me that victim shit, Alyssa.

We can all do that. “I’m anorexic because I was adopted.”

“I cheat on women because I wasn’t breastfed.”

Everyone has a reason for how they behave.

What’s yours, then?

The End of the F***ing World

As I went through the application forms recently, I found that many schools asked about parents’ education for unknown reasons. I searched about this and it seemed that there were two possibilities: (1) It would matter if the parents were alumni of the school. …


To be honest, becoming a software engineering intern was not in my plans at that time. I was too focused on my campus life to think about my career. However, I did want to try some new things, and find opportunities to grow and change my self. I came across the ad about Google internship from our department so I decided to give it a try. I was really lucky to pass each stage: the online assessments, writing my resume, and the interviews.

Doing an interview was an unfamiliar experience for me. At that time, I had only done an…


“Is this OOO?”

“This year, we would like to hold a Master the Mainframe World Championship.”

The beginning of this story was like a dream — just as I came up with the idea to finish my reflection on the 2009 Master the Mainframe contest, I got a call from IBM Taiwan. They asked me whether I would like to join the first-ever Master the Mainframe World Championship.

“We will invite students around the world who have won Mainframe contests in the past to join this IBM Master the Mainframe World Championship. Participant must still be a student and be…

Yong-Siang Shih

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Scientist, Lifelong Learner

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