Get It Done, Today

Which One are You?

Newton’s first law tells us that nothing will change to an object unless external force interacts with it. Meaning nothing will move unless a force pushes it to move, and on the other hand objects will continue to move until they are stopped. This is not a science article, it merely is an article which is supposed to get you to stop procrastinating.

I have a confession to make, I am a natural born procrastinator. Unfortunately most talented people that I have met are procrastinators and if you are talented, smart with many of the blessings coveted by humans, most likely you are also a procrastinator. Aesop wrote a fable “A Hare and A Tortoise” we all have read or heard about it nevertheless rarely did we understand the essence behind it.

To summarize A Hare and a Tortoise made a bet who would get first to a finish line. A concentrated tortoise slowly but surely outran the hare who was busy doing everything else but running towards the goal. We can talk all day long how the hare was not challenged enough or assume that the hare did get a huge chunk of many from bookies for selling the race, but the fact remains that the tortoise outran the hare and for the past 2,600 years is the undisputed winner of the race.

Lets stop with jokes and lets use Newton’s First Law to analyze hare’s behavior. The force that was moved the hare from the position of rest to motion, was not as strong as the force which stopped him over and over again. Who are you, are you a tortoise or are you a hare. Do you prefer to do things tomorrow because something else came up, or would rather get it done today? Your answer would be logical if you said a mixture of both, depending on the task and circumstances. Its all about priorities.

Do you have priorities in life? Do you have goals in life? Are you an ambitious person? If you do, congrats the rest is easy, I mean hard yet easy to write down. The best way to get things done today is by prioritizing. Write a list of five most important things which you want to concentrate on, and remember every task associated with those priorities has to be done today, because tomorrow might never come.

Wait did you just really do that? Did you just really say “Ok, I will do it later?” Well I am serious your first priority is to get your priorities straight and written down so go ahead write them down, I will not destruct you any longer you can come back for more later.