Back to the old me,

Knock,knock… will I be the old me or the new me? I asked from my heart… she said, you better choose the old you, it suits you better!

Why do you say so? Any special reason?? Mmm…well the new you is not the actual you, it’s so fake.. you’ve changed your self because of someone, a stranger!

I kept thinking for hours…. I considered it this much because my heart was my only friend who was there in my sorrow and anger.. she deserves a special place in my life..My heart’s different than others.. she never misleads me like most of the hearts do..she never collapse my mind with damn stupid feelings and awkward emotions (like cheesy lovers do)…

I was a 90% good girl… I didn’t have any relationship with boys of my age..I can swear..

But since two years I was dealing with a big relationship with an anonymous stranger,that was not love, not friendship either…no certain name for that.. something between them.. I was totally into it, I talked daily, I smiled because of him, he was so decent, polite and rich in personality. I admired him in utmost! He was happy too…

Still he don’t even know that I ended up all the bonds with him… I did it without even saying.. That’s the best way.. I didn’t escape, but figured out the right thing…

Now I know, that relationship is not suitable, not my type, I’m not a person who can handle things with boys…maybe a weakness!

He’s not the actual person like I had the image of! He’s changed, so much that I can’t even predict how and when!

He knows everything, more than the limits even.. He breaks promises.. He continues…

So I quit! Sorry for not leaving you in a property manner!

Someday you’ll read this….

I’m pretty sure he won’t do anything to me… because he cares for me, he likes me.(maybe not now)

Thanks for everything! I learned a lot, both valuable and invaluable.. I’ll remember the valuable moments till death..

Make me a day dream! Add me to the wind and let it vanish off from your surrounding!

Good luck,keep going!