Still a mystery,
How he sent you
And the doubt is,
Why did he send you?
Your eyes, they’re like,
Blue Sapphires glimmering bright
Your gentle smile,
It always melts me
Your each touch,
Makes me so vulgar
Your voice, that’s it,
I always prefer
We’re not so abroad,
We can hold hands,
Any time;
And walk down the streets,
Cause we’re so close,
Like living together,
Since we got it!
I’m always,
Lying next to you
You turn your head,
And you always talk,
With your eyes
But now;
Both are blurred,
No clear view
Cause we know,
This will soon be an end,
As it was you, who went,
To the ICU first
I’m here making myself,
So confident and ready,
To go there next
My mind bears,
Thousand hesitations
You know, I’ve already said,
Those three empty words
By my eyes; I know you too!
It’s the God’s will,
To choose the first;
Out of us, to see the heaven..
If me before you is called,
I’ll say them to call you soon,
Then we’ll dance,
Till midnight and,
Say those untold words,
Maybe today, tommorow,
Soon, in heaven!