How to run a successful crypto giveaway campaign on your first day on twitter?

Kushagra Singh
Jun 6, 2018 · 6 min read

This blog is a first hand experience of running a crypto giveaway campaign on Twitter.

Why we chose Twitter over Facebook for the campaign?

How I got 21000 organic impressions on my first day on Twitter?

With the growth of cryptocurrency, interaction with the global audience is important. Ban on ads on almost all major social platforms. The need for organic campaigns have grown. I have done an experiment on the Bitcoin pizza day to engage with our followers and also get my hands on twitter campaign for the first time.

These are screenshots of the stats, I got from our campaign.

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Why we chose Twitter over Facebook, for Crypto giveaways?

I am a member as well as one of the Admin/Moderator of an active Facebook group. Even after having a good engagement on our Facebook group, I decided to try Twitter (for giveaways) because of the following reasons

There are numerous third party tools which support Twitter.

Viral ability can be leveraged to the maximum on Twitter.

Facebook Edgerank reduces your reach to 10% or even less than that, whereas Twitter is open, and through Twitter anyone can connect with like minded people and experts.

Most of the shill posting, OGs and thought leaders in crypto are on Twitter.

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How I got 21000 organic impressions on my first day on Twitter?

I have documented the entire 1 day campaign into different phases.

  1. Plan your event.
  • Determine the goals of the giveaways.
  • What will you be giving away and how long will the contest run?
  • Choose the perfect day to kick-off. (Most probably the weekends or some important dates).
  • Figure out all the requirements beforehand.

2. Work on the content

When Twitter was at 140 characters, this was a challenge. With limited characters available getting out the entire story was a great content game. The half-life of a tweet is short. If you don’t receive clicks, likes and retweets in the first 30–60 minutes after tweeting, the Twittersphere moves on (remember 6000 tweets per second). Your tweet is forgotten. Plan your content properly before you even start the campaign. Focus on trending thing which people talk are talking about recently and got good views. Content which works can easily be tested by researching on something which have already worked in the past.

3. Prepare the visual content plan for your campaign .

One marketing trend that’s impossible to ignore is the growing power and value of visual content. Just look at four of the fastest-growing social networks: Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr. Visual content increases message association, brand awareness, and engagement.

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  • Average person gets distracted in eight seconds, though a mere 2.8 seconds is enough to distract some people.
  • 81 percent of people only skim the content they read online. (Usability expert Jakob Nielsen has written that the average user reads at most 20 to 28 percent of words during an average visit.)
  • People form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds.
  • An estimated 84 percent of communications will be visual by 2018.
  • An estimated 79 percent of internet traffic will be video content by 2018.
  • Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts.
  • People are 85 percent more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.
  • Posts with videos attract 3X more links than text-only posts.
  • Tumblr’s active user base has grown by 120 percent.
  • Pinterest’s active user base has grown by 111 percent.
  • Instagram’s active user base has grown by 64 percent.

4.Learn to use Tweet burst(threads).

With a thread containing 10 tweets, it’s not a single tweet that may live or die, it’s 10x that amount. Each tweet in a thread has its own permalink and can be individually clicked on, liked or retweeted. If you’re sharing a link, the thread gives it 10x more chances of being clicked on.

5. Influencer marketing is the way to go

A study published in eMarketer showed that nearly 85% of marketing and communications professionals worldwide expected to launch at least one campaign involving an influence in the next 12 months. If you look at Google’s keyword search for influencer marketing, it’s increased more than 90 times since 2013, according to Adweek.

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Prepare a list of leading influencers you are in touch with or talk to them before you start your campaign and ask them to share their views. It increases the chances for your tweets to get noticed more.(Helps in getting organic visibility too)

6. Timing is everything.

I have run a 1 day campaign and tested all the timings to know what works best. Our campaign was 24 hours and we were bursting tweets in every 2 hours. We noticed that the tweets which were actually done between 12pm — 5pm got more views than others.

7. Reward your users significantly

Establish benchmarks and reward the users who performs accordingly.Set your goals which you want to achieve with this campaign.

  • Number of likes on Facebook
  • Number of Google +1’s to the page
  • Number of Retweets to the page
  • Number of inbound links
  • Average monthly visitors
  • Conversion Rate

8. Use tools to help reduce your workload

You will not be available during the entire campaign and there might be unforeseen circumstances which might ruin your plan.

I have used various tools for my specific use case as below (suggest me in the content if there are better)

  • Buzzsumo - I used this to search influencers for a particular keyword. This helped me to find a different set of influences for each tweet and plan each tweet’s engagement separately and exclusively.
  • Sketch - Once you have taken designer help in getting the theme and fonts right (I am no designer too, and took help), You can easily edit the content and make a new creation with it. (This is just for Mac so please do comment some similar tool, if you know any).

Finally, thank everyone for participating in your campaign and tag everyone who have taken part actively in your contest.

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Full disclosure — I am a consultant at Neptune Blockchain. I also manage Facebook group and Discord group, where we talk about different topics on Cryptocurrency daily.

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