Why execution is the hardest? Always.

I don’t have the answer here. I, myself have failed at it twice. And I think I am going towards the same yet again.

I know it all, I have read it all and I understand everything what is out there in books or on various internet blogs. I get motivated all the time, I start but then again I realize I haven’t been able to finish.

I have all the reason in the world to do what I’m supposed to do. My whole family depends upon results of what I’m supposed to do. And they are expecting that I’ll do whatever is needed.

It’s not that I don’t value that, I do. Undoubtedly I do. That’s the only reason I started this thing. I have to do it. Otherwise, everything is going the fall apart.

I know I have to commit to it and do it, come what may. But the practical situation is that I always convince myself to procrastinate. And that is the reason I have failed twice.

I have to do it this time. I know it’s important for me, for my family and for my career as well. Everything that I plan to do depends upon me succeeding at this phase of my life.

I can think everything when it comes to my future, I can imagine every minute detail and I can live in that world for the whole day. But when it comes to actually do what is needed to be done to get there, I fail.
I don’t wanna live that mediocre life that my family has lived. I have goals. I wanna achieve them. I can do everything in my mind. But if I have to stand up right now and start what I need to do, I would hesitate and rather go to sleep.

I have checked every box before the step of execution but I am not able to move forward now.

A few days before I got to read the letter that Bruce Lee had written to himself about his own goal in 1969. Believe it or not I have written almost the same letter myself and I think a lot of people in this world would have. But the difference between the great and us is that they have been able to actually not only aim but execute as well.

I don’t get it, what is it that I am missing here. I have all the motivation in world when I start but gradually I lose it all. And then the realisation that the whole day has passed and I have wasted it all, is just devastating.

Hope I can do it. And if you guys can recommend me something practical, I would be forever grateful.