Imagine you are a 16 year old who has the mission of wanting to positively impact at least a billion people in the world through technology. Now imagine you had an opportunity to intern at a company that was doing exactly that! I’m pretty sure I’d classify that person as the luckiest 16 year old in the 🌎.

The crazy thing is, that’s my reality right now and I do feel like the luckiest 16 year old in the world.

Day before my first day interning at XPRIZE!

This amazing company is called XPRIZE which is probably one of the most revolutionary companies you have ever come across…

Nope, this is not a bioinformatics pipeline, but it is an oil pipeline and weirdly enough it shares many similarities with a bioinformatics one.

An oil pipeline is used to transport oil over a long distance while refining the oil within intermediate units to give various petroleum products.

Similarly, in bioinformatics, biological data is passed through special software pipelines to refine and analyze the data as required, which results in desired visualizations, analysis and interpretations of that data.

Ok…but what the F— is Bioinformatics then?? 🤔

Bioinformatics is the birth child of biology and computer science. The goal of bioinformatics is to build algorithms and software tools to…

Humans have roamed the earth for over 6 million years. Homo sapiens sapiens are currently the only humans under the genus homo to have survived till now due to the theory of survival of the fittest played out in our genes. Our genes is what let us have a bigger brain, walk up right, and communicate vocally in comparison to the inability of this from our preceding ancestors. So far our genes have evolved by their own merit from natural selection to determine our genetic makeup today.

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But a new wave of technology is progressing that actually enables us humans…

Warren Buffet is the most successful investor in history. Even more admirable is that his story truly starts from rags to riches. He can contribute his success to many things, early investing (literally he started at 11), talent for pattern recognition, and luck. However one thing he has consistently tied to his immense success, is his BBF (Best Business Friend) Charlie Munger.👯

Charlie Munger is often called Buffet’s side kick” or “right hand man” but he’s WAY more than that, he’s Buffet’s MF secret weapon. …

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. This isn’t a surprise.

1 in 2 Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime, that’s a whooping 18,500,000 people expected to be diagnosed with this deathly disease. Not to mention 1 in 4 Canadians are predicted to actually die of cancer during their lifetime, that’s 9,250,000 people.

Recently, many advances in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are helping researchers revolutionize the future of healthcare, from identifying patterns in medical images to predicting new target proteins for drugs! …

Let me first give you a rundown on the current status of Planet Earth, with a few facts and selfies. Then it might be easier to put into perspective of why we do need space.

A few recent selfies:

Uh…yea, not that pretty.

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing our planet today.

The affects of climate change include:

  • More frequent wildfires
  • Rise in sea level, floods (terrible for farmers and agriculture)
  • Longer periods of droughts (terrible for farmer and agriculture as well, and no, extreme rise in sea level and droughts do not balance each other out)

Deep reinforcement learning is dominating the AI world with it’s psychology based model mimicking the way we humans learn and get better at a task.

This differs from supervised learning ML models, as their training data comes with an answer key from some “Godlike” supervisor in order for the model to learn and output accurately. (Only if life worked that way! Lol)

Reinforcement Learning is more realistic in the sense that the agent in the environment learns from experience and exploration. There is no magical answer key that is rewarded to the agent, but rather smaller keys in the form…

The lack of understanding within Artificial Neural Networks has been a large barrier to the adoption of machine learning. This uncertainty comes from the “Black Box” of the neural net. This article focuses on Explainable Neural Networks, which is a new model designed to open the “Black Box” of a neural network and provide a deeper understanding of its functions.

Artificial neural networks and machine learning algorithms become increasingly popular to train machines to learn information like the human brain. This enables the machine to accurately output a prediction of a given task.

ANN trained on a given task to classify images of cats or dogs

Bank Example: Suppose you wanted to train a machine to identify which customers of a bank had the highest probability of leaving the bank based on the customers credentials.

The neural network would be trained on a large dataset of the credentials of each of the customers such as their credit score, tenure etc. It would identify which features in the data has the most impact on…

Shagun Maheshwari

16 year old machine learning developer interested in philosophy, programming and gaining new experiences.

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