Geek Sublime :The Beauty of Code Book Review

Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code is an illuminating and very interesting take on technology in general. Coupling the wonder of technology and art into one, Geek Sublime takes the reader on an inspiring journey that showcases the idea art and technology are not only very different after all, but instead, that they actually depend on one another and are able to utilize one another in illustrious and amazing ways. When most people think of art, they do not often think of technology within the same thought pattern. The great aspect about Geek Sublime is that the author, Vikram Chandra, finds these perfect connections that occur within technology and art and brings them together.

In addition, this story is not only an opinion-based worldview into the ideas of both technology and art, it is actually a historical model that looks at actual facts and real-world notations into why and how art and technology are able to work in harmony together. There is a true overlap when it comes to technology and art and that is what this book tries to decipher in a clear, concise, and very entertaining fashion.

Written by the same author as “Sacred Games”, Geek Sublime takes the reader on an enlightening journey that is not often discussed or seen in any other writings. The idea of art and technology as one is as unique as it sounds, and the reality is that it is also very true and close to what we can all understand as knowing the secret to why things occur in the way that they do. Art and technology are both creative mediums, but in different ways, which need each other in order to flourish. This book describes just how true this statement actually is. An easy and fun read, this book couples intelligent writing with emotional feelings and is definitely a great pleasure to partake in.

Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty

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