PyStar — Learn how to become a Female Pythons

Women are to be considered as same as men, that is what we all want and say but have you ever thought of who among us goes a step forward to prove the same, well most of us fear on how we can let the woman go ahead and thus we have kept this world a male dominant society.

PyStar, is one organization who is helping women come in the limelight and grow, be independent or rather support families. Yes, PyStar was formed with a vision to educate women especially in the field of computer programming and languages and with this vision PyStar came up with a quick course on Python programming for ladies.

PyStar has successfully developed a self-based tutorial system which would help females to learn how to write codes in python language, and for this PyStar is conducting workshops all round the world — they want that ladies who join their workshop would come in team and use the tutorial system to learn python, wherein PyStar has also allocated one leader or supervisor to each team who can be handy and can help these team of ladies if they get stuck while learning.

PyStar also has a future prospective for this kind of workshop that they conduct, that is they want old work shop attendees to come back again and this time teach other ladies on how to learn python. This would ultimately create a chain of those who already know the programming language and those who want to learn it, and those who know can make others learn the language, hence more ladies who will learn can go out and spread the word and bring in more women and make them learn.

PyStar also encourages women to conduct their own workshops and would help ladies to do so, so that not only they learn a programming language but would also help others learn the language, the workshops are basically practical sessions giving more insight idea on how to implement this language, why this language is required and the future prospect of learning this language. Moreover PyStar also welcomes females and as well as males to contribute whatever they can related to conducting workshops or donating new python modules and more.

The modules designed by PyStar for learning python is divided into different categories, starting from a very basic level to that of intermediate and then for experts and any woman can choose which workshop to go for, or might even enrol for all the sessions of the workshop.

Hence if you know any woman who would like to be self-dependant or would like to learn programming language, do refer them to PyStar, so that in this male dominant society females can also be independent.

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