That colorful cube

Just as usual running late to reach home i stepped out of the metro and rushed to the staircase. I had to switch metro line. And there across the platform he saw me all messed up, stole sweeping the floor and sick of saying yes alright yes alright to my mom, all thanks to jio’s useless voice calls!

The metro i had to get on was already there but he intentionally missed it. Had he not done that we would have never talked. Oh God! I was tired and frustrated but then suddenly all of it vanished. I don’t mind if today this word vanish only reminds you of that detergent! haha..

I am fond of people who can actually solve whole of rubik’s cube. And there we clicked. He had a rubik’s cube in his hands and I also had one in my bag’s side pocket. Just when he saw me my instant reaction of raised eyebrows and a wide smile, he asked me do I know how to solve it further. And I certainly knew it, my method was better than his and we competed till my station came and I had to leave only to meet him again.

And today we are happily married and our kid maanik holds a record of solving rubik’s in 41 seconds!

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