Don’t Let the Vampire Suck your Energy…

One of my ex-colleague was very negative. Her conversation started with complains and ended with it too. Every morning she used to have a new issue, a new complain, a new problem related to work, family, boss or other co-workers. At first, I used to sympathize with her, I used to do her assignments too as she told me she would not be able to those assignments. I always tried to solve her problems and give her solutions. It all lasted for 3 years and then I decided to back-off.
We all encounter negative people in our lives. Negative people are like human black holes; they come out of nowhere, suck our energy and make us feel depressed. They are so pessimistic and spill their negative energy on others. Negative people are also called as “Energy vampires”, they suck all your energy. They are present everywhere, a family member, co-worker, friend could happen to be an energy vampire. Recognizing these vampires and dealing with them is the biggest challenge. Here are some signs of negative people,

1. Pessimism: They will always find faults in every solution you present to them. They complain about air, water wind; in short everything.

2. Diffidence: A sense of helplessness, they either lack the ability to face challenges or just fake it to make others do the work on their behalf.

3. Anxiety: Negative people are always so anxious. Even when everything in their life is fine. They will show you their anxiety and depression.] to gain sympathy.

4. Commanding: They try to control others.They want to control every situation, they don’t obey rules. They try to make every situation favorable for themselves.

5. Emotional Blackmail: Negative people tend to make you feel so close and important to them. They put pressure, tell you stories or come up with false appreciation in order to make you work for them.

Once you have spotted those human black holes, you should prepare yourself to deal with them otherwise your life will be joyless and the vampires would feast on you.

Here are some tricks to deal with the negative people,

1. Shield Yourself:
 Negative people focus more on the bad stuff happening in life. They often exaggerate the petite issues. The by repeat the same story again and again. Offer help but shield yourself first. Draw a safe line. Stick to light topics, when they start complaining ask them to say something positive. If they don’t cease to talk negative, come up with an excuse and leave the place.

2. Hang out in Groups of three or more:
In a 1–1 conversation, all of the negative energy will be directed to you. Don’t hang out with the vampire alone. Hanging out in groups might attract the positive energy, it might help the negative person to notice good things around.

3. Don’t react:
 The negative person will pour all negativity on you, it’s on you how you react. Don’t get depressed, don’t feel helpless. Focus on the good things in life. Appreciate what you have.

4. Reduce Contact:
Stop spending your time on negative people. I have spent a lot of time with the negative people, offering help, providing a listening ear but some people just don’t get better. When everything fails, just cut them off from your life. The vampires feed on you and live their life better, on the other hand it’s you who suffer. It is better to maintain a distance when you have recognized that your contribution is not enough for them.
Kiss the negativity good bye! Stay happy, stay calm and don’t get transformed into an energy vampire.

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