I’m Arab and Many of Us Are Glad That Trump Won
Omar Kamel

I heard someone saying, I’m not doing well (economically), I voted for Trump so everyone else will suffer. Your article reminds me of that sentiment on a grand scale. I get what you’re saying. This might feel good or be entertaining for those who suffer because of US’s foreign policy, nevertheless it’s morally wrong and a mistake if you think it’ll help create a better situation at the end. This is similar to the sentiment of some people here when hearing about ISIS’s brutality saying “let the Muslims kill each other, it’s not our problem.” It’s morally wrong, and it will come to bite you back at the end. The world is a worse place because of Trump taking over in the US, millions more will suffer, and no good will come of it (I hope I’m wrong though).

Regarding your other true points about the effects of US policy around the world, your anger should be pointed towards the system (Empire?), not individual politicians, anybody coming up in the system will be essentially the same. Don’t forget most countries have been the same or a lot worse (relative to their power and influence), and everybody thinks they’re exceptional as well. Humanity has a long way to go.