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Let’s orient ourselves — what is strategic marketing, and (more importantly) what makes it different from that good ole’ fashioned marketing that was good enough for my grand-pappy dad gum it?

Strategic marketing has a lot of definitions, but I like this one best from Saurabh Kumar Jha on Quora in answer to the question,”what is strategic marketing” on Quora:

“When you sell your product in the market, you’re marketing. When you sell to your customers in the market, you’re strategically marketing.”

This one I’ll paraphrase from (check out the article here) ain’t too shabby either:

“What is strategic marketing? The Role of Strategic Marketing is to decide the following:

  1. Which markets to compete in (where to compete)
  2. What the basis of the firm’s competitive advantage is going to be (how to compete)
  3. When and how the firm will enter each market (when to compete)”

These both boil down to one basic principle — marketing with purpose.

A lot of companies (and not just small businesses) market without a purpose. They haven’t asked themselves the question, “what is strategic marketing and how does it apply to us?” Instead, they market because they know they’re supposed to.

They market because someone told them to. But there’s no purpose behind the marketing. They don’t know who they’re marketing to. They don’t know why they’re marketing in the places they’re marketing in. They don’t know who they’re marketing against. What is strategic marketing for these guys and gals? It’s non-existent.

They’re just making noise.

And the world is pretty noisy already these days.

You don’t want to get lost in the noise, do you?

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