The demise of the great humanitarian instilled a feeling of sorrow throughout the country, the sorrow that would linger on and the grief that would never fade. The orphans felt inwardly as their father has gone, poor felt for their patron and the homeless ones for their guardian. To let the wheel going and to make the circle intact, Amal and many other human development organizations set on to make the ends meet. We at Amal were assigned to collect funds for Edhi foundation. So, feeling privileged to be provided with such honor to raise funds for the dynamic and visionary Edhi foundation, we came up with a number of ways to get the prestigious task done. But there were number of issues in making up the work. First, I thought that asking individuals with such a pitch “As you know that Edhi Sb has left us a year ago and his foundation is lacking in funds so kindly contribute towards the great cause etc. etc.”, would not work as we have the target of ten thousand rupees. But just to begin we headed towards the IER (Institute of Education and Research) and asked individually to the groups. The same happened as was anticipated. It ended up in collection of a very little amount.

So, the problem was how to reach that huge audience. For this, Memona and I thought of visiting each department of the university and handing over the permission letter to the administrative bodies so that we can ask students in classes during their lectures. The purpose of this tactic was to get potential donors who really have love and passion for giving alms to the poor, and feel for the Edhi foundation after he embraced his eternal life. This proved fruitful and kept us safe from undermining Edhi Sb from the people who rejected the noble plea at the spot and our target was finally achieved.

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