When Developers Play HR Directors: A Cautionary Tale

Aug 28 · 4 min read

The HR role in modern business is often misunderstood: it’s a fundamental organizational resource, devoted to handling logistics of hiring and servicing full-time employees (such as candidate outreach, vetting, arranging interviews, contracts, payments, security clearances, on-boarding welfare etc… ).

However, with freelancers and the on-demand talent economy growing so rapidly, there is no team devoted to sourcing, hiring and managing freelancers or boutique service providers. Even worse, there’s a lack of direction or guidance in handling the shift towards hybrid workforce management.

Who Owns the Talent Management Acquisition Process?

As a result of this, the process of finding, on-boarding and retaining ongoing management is a combination of multiple functions — procurement, legal, finance and sometimes supported by HR, which in essence means no one really owns this process.

Instead, the responsibility for finding, on-boarding and effectively managing on-demand talent (freelancers or independent contractors) falls to the individual Team Leaders or hiring managers, who lack the experience and know-how in HR-adjacent roles.

These are the marketers, Engineering Team Leaders, Product Managers, Financial Controllers and many other job roles who have a defined, existing daily job (such as building products, establishing the brand, managing expenses and other tasks necessary to keep the business going and growing).

Then, in addition to their daily tasks, these leaders have to add additional tasks, for which they‘ve received no training: hunt for talent, discuss and set a budget, negotiate with freelancers and contractors, and then have them sign contracts (which all lies in the assumption that these leaders even know which documents are required) find out which systems these freelance workers need to be added to, and then, once this process has been completed, the Team Leaders need to ensure that their freelance staff are regularly paid, compliant….and once they’re no longer active, are wiped from the systems.

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The Inherent Dangers of the “Developers as HR” Approach

Needless to say, most managers — in any role — do not have the required capacity, nor the understanding required to handle such complex processes, and most definitely not at any sort of scale.

As a result of these many one-off hirings, the organization is left exposed — it has a significant portion of a freelance and contractor workforce, and yet no effective tools, systems or processes to ensure smooth, efficient and — most importantly — compliant management processes.

With today’s technology and on-demand mindset, organizations have to adopt a different approach which will help them scale up their on-demand workforce while keeping all details transparent and compliant.

Just like any other organizational change, the transition into a workforce consisting of effective, high-performing on-demand talent calls for 3 key elements: People, Processes and Tools.

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Accessible, Effective On-Demand Talent at the Click of a Button

Your organization needs an on-demand talent platform that streamlines the hiring and management process, which gives you access to both the right talent and the right hiring (and compliance) processes.

Having the right platform in place sure makes things a lot more accessible, but to truly gain value out of on-demand talent, the organization needs to adopt the right processes and implement best practices to allow leaders to thrive and focus on what matters.

As for people, there is no question that tomorrow’s leaders will be different than those we’ve seen rise to the top in the past decades: the leaders of the future will be required to learn how to build and manage hybrid, increasingly versatile sets of teams and talents that can perform well together for the short and the mid-term.

Those leaders who rise to the challenge and upgrade their skills to hybrid workforce management will be the ones in highest demand.

Stoke Talent is the solution your organization can’t afford to miss out on, answering all of your outsource talent sourcing, hiring and compliance in one.

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