when we are young and we wanna grow so fast , no one tells us that this is the most peace full time of our lives , that this maybe the best version we could be ,that this is the time were we could be brave and not fear anyone that we could love and not hurt anyone that we can laugh without shaming anyone .

no one tells us that the more we grow up the rules we are to follow that the box we live in doesn't grow with us , that we keep growing and the box gets smaller and smaller , and we keep growing till we get to the point when we either burst out of our box with glory , or we suffocate our selves in side our box cause were too scared of what’s outside , were scared of the glimps we saw outside while our box is stretching to fit us , so we decide we’d rather suffocate then facing the unknown or the predicted or what we've heard about , the sad dark images that our elders shown to the outside world that made us have no desire to see what’s out side .

no one told us that we will grow weather we like it or not , and when we do , we might not like , but there is non going back , they didn't care to share there experiences , and when i say experiences i mean the doubts and the fear and the disappointments , they didn't tell us it could be us who hurt us the most they didn't tell us that we could shift and change and transform to something we cant recognize no more , they didn't tell us what to do when that happens , they didn't tell us that u would stand at the prime time of your life not knowing whats happening , and not understanding whats going on , just like how you might not understand what i just wrote , but you read it any way , just like life you’ll live it anyway .

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