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Seems more like you are a web developer! From a native droid developer’s perspective, we are just on the tip of an ice Berg. We are still in infancy, lot more to go! And there is always a limit a web based code can dive in! Still the lower level code cannot be altered in perfection with web programming langs/tools! Take the case of loading a RecyclerView with network images. No matter in which web lang or tool you create an Android app, it won’t run smooth! Likewise, there are lot of things thats under research and will be part of native soon! And they all will make use of efficient data structures and Algorithms in the root level! And for that purpose the choice would be the classical big-b s. ie C, CPP,JAVA . Of course, web plays a crucial role in connecting things up ! And that’s going to get deeper and better, considering the IoT revolution that’s going to happen. But it won’t replace the native for sure! Take a look at the top 5 langs this year in IEEE report, you would still see CPP and C around in there, that substantially explains that there are some gladiators that just won’t die. Of course transitions will occur, just as Microsoft CEO says, “this industry does not respect tradition, what it respects is innovation” … even Google is reportedly switching many things onto GO, but , at the end of the day what we have to admit is that there is no One Golden language , Every lang has got its pros and cons! ☺And lets hope the best of tech is yet to come! ☺