Earthquake Resistant Structures: A Pertinent Initiative by Cosmic Group

With the recent appalling condition of the calamity-struck Nepal and the earthquake aftershocks experienced nearly all across the world, thousands of questions have been raised in the minds of every individual. Particularly, the real estate developers are now confronted with the challenge associated with the safety, security and strength of the buildings to endure such disastrous tremors in the future. This harbingers a critical call to the builders for devising suitable techniques for the construction of earthquake resistant structures, so as to avoid any future debacles of a massive stature as far as possible.

It is a well proven fact that the techniques adopted for the construction of buildings can significantly impact the death loss during an earthquake. As per the statistical survey, the 2010 Chile earthquake, having a magnitude of 8.8, witnessed the death of across 700 people while a quake of relatively lesser magnitude killed across 200,000 people in Haiti. Thus, an affluent Chile could afford to follow more rigid and effective building codes in comparison to those cheaply constructed structures at Haiti.

Among the various techniques being employed to protect the buildings, getting much taller and bigger, the most common one is the ‘base isolation’. Structures built with the said technique are not directly attached to the ground and can, relatively, endure the tremors to a much better extent. Although, no buildings can remain absolutely foolproof and even the structures with most outstanding design and engineering can fail when struck by a massive earthquake, the target is to minimize the severity of destruction.

Cosmic Group, a prominent name in the real estate business, is among the top builders to put immediate thought and action to this serious cause with the launch of its upcoming projects like ‘Urban Young’. The residential project is safely equipped with an earthquake resistant structure, being modern and elite in the true sense of the word. Cosmic Group ensures to first review the potential advantages of its every single undertaking for the buyers and with Urban Young as well, it has taken another critical measure for facilitating complete peace of mind to its valuable clientele.