You can march, even in your armchair, each day.

Have you made your calls yet? I did.

Today’s action: Take Rep. Paul Ryan’s ACA Survey. Paul Ryan’s office is conducting a survey hoping to show a popular mandate to repeal the ACA (Obamacare). I just took it. It’s automated and quick. Here’s what to do:

1) Call (202) 225–3031

2) **WAIT through 40 seconds of pure dead silence suggesting you have called the Death Star. (Seriously. Don’t hang up. There’s no hold music. It’s a little odd.)

3) You will get prompted by the survey

4) Press 2 to participate

5) Press 1 to register your support for the ACA

In some cases this survey isn’t launching, but you can leave a voicemail for Paul Ryan. That’s also effective. I was able to do so.

The ACA is imperfect, but I, as an entrepreneur, personally depend on it. I had no health insurance at all until ACA. Paul Ryan expects a certain outcome to this survey. Let’s show him another.

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