What if you are asked to eat an elephant or a big giant ugly frog? You will not try to eat it at once, you will try to divide it in pieces and than start one by one. Whenever we are going to start a project and anything, Its just like a big giant frog, we first try as whole but in result we could not and we disappointed. What if we divide that big project in small tasks and than start from easiest. You will complete the first task very soon and it will give a feeling of accomplishment and energy which keeps you motivated. It increase your productivity. Its 10/90 rule which you applied unintentionally. The small time invested in planning saves 3 to 4 times in execution. 
It is recommended to make list of tasks for every day. Make lists for everyday, week or month. Monthly lists makes you month plan ahead. Weekly lists makes you plan ahead and daily lists makes you plan a day ahead. Writing daily lists at day ahead is more productive than writing in day start. When you write or plan your next day activities, you mind start working on that whole night unconsciously and may provide you with great ideas in early morning without putting that much effort. This may seems difficult at start, but start of any valuable activity is always difficult but once the routine is set, productivity can be increase up to 30% or may be much more. 
You only need to write the task or activities in the list on any page or notebook. Start your day with the most important task first and on the day end, cut all those which you accomplish and check the ones which are still remaining and plan your next day activities. I did this for 5 days of week and i do more work than my previous week. My monday list was.

1- Meet Habiba for thesis

2- Get an appointment with supervisor.

3- Use Facebook as less as possible

4– Try to avoid distractions during work.

5- Call shahzad for status

6- Complete the ERD and resolve the MySQL issue.

7- Complete the PW7

8- Meeting with Husam and Ajay for OeHealth project, make them convince that task2 is not possible and we need to figure out the alternatives.

9- Migrate the ODOO8 to ODOO10 for mediod consulting

10- Sign the partnership document.

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