#Happiness increase productivity

We all believe that if we will do hard work we will get success and we will be more happier afterwards. But Psychology says, If we focus on happiness first we can get more success. The concept of happiness is presented by Shawn Achor in Ted. Research says that when our mind is happy, it perform 37% more than when its neutral or sad. This can easily be related to advice that choose a career about which you are passionate. Because your mind will be happier than and you can perform much better than the others who have neutral or sad minds.

The next question is how we can get happiness or how we can control our moods and minds.one can easily change his moods by practicing. According to Shawn there are five ways to change our minds and all these are practical and need some practice.

The following ways are

  • Journaling
  • Gratitude
  • excercise
  • meditation
  • Random acts of kindness

I started by meditation and random act of kindness. I started by sit straight and breathe in and out for long for almost 2 min.It was great experience. I do not know the reason but it gives you some feelings of joy and happiness. After meditation, I started random act of kindness. I help a poor lady to cross the road. I say salam to security guards. I start handshaking with workers in my university. It all gives me so much inner happiness. It gives me feeling of a good person. It pushes me to do more and more.

After doing this for only 3 days, I felt like I am more happy and mood is good most of the time.This thing helps to do my work more. I stop listening songs while I am sad because now I am not sad anymore. This saves lot of time who I use to do productive work. Happiness increase my productivity by a large factor. I will make this my habit for rest of life IA.