A saying is “If we all do one random act of kindness daily. we just might set the world in right direction” This quote inspired me to do some random acts of kindness and saw what happened and how these acts helped me to better understand the concept of kindness. So, I decided to help some people in their routine works.

First i started it from my House and when we all got free after Breakfast, I decided to wash all the pots, pans and dishes and when i finished it, our mad appraised me and said Thank You for help and after that i also gave her leave because yesterday night she was asking for leave because she has to go to her home to visit her parents at village.

After that I went to University Library and there i met my friend who came there for taking some information about admissions at Bachelor level in Mass Communication department. I helped him to get information from Inquiry cell and also bought a form for him.

While coming back from Mass Com department I saw a lady sitting on the stairs in very hot day and scourging for help. I gave her some money and she said, “Allah tumhen kamyab kary Beta” after taking this Dua I realized the importance of kindness which I never knew before and also understood the meaning of this Poetry.

And after that i came back to Flat and where I helped my cousin in cleaning Pots and pans and also washing clothes and shawls of beds and some other stuff like that and we also washed the whole Flat and during washing floor, my hands skin cracked down because he was using Acid to remove Defilement but i didn’t notice and started cleaning with naked hands and it was very painful experience for me and after we finished he simply said Thank You Bhai :/

After that I came back home and felt very relaxed and also a sense of delight-fullness and that time, time was of 9:00pm and I Thanked God and went to bed.

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