“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone” This is the quote which encourages us to raise funding for EDHI Foundation. We were a team of four memvers
1. Usman
2. Shahid
3. Aqsa and
4. Namra
We planned to meet on Tuesday and start working on this by scrounging for help to raise funding in University of the Punjab.

We planned to collect from everyone in University like what Edhi sb used to do. So, we reached out everyone whether they were Students, Professors, Guards or University visitors and we put a lot of effort to visit different departments of University.

At the start we were confused that how to scrounge for funding but Usman took step and arranged a donation box and ask two to three people and they helped us and after that all the members got courage to ask cadge. Then we start visiting departments and asking for funding and we were surprised that how much cooperative and supporting our nation is, almost everyone contributed something towards EDHI Foundation. The minimum donation we received was Rs.4 and the maximum donation we received was Rs.1000.

During this activity we also faced some issues that two departments didn’t give us permission to bum for funding because we didn’t had authority letter and some teachers also asked clarification that whether these funds will go to foundation or not?

We also faced some failures because during this activity some people also discouraged us and said, EDHI has a lot of funds, you should help us to raise funding for Kashmir who is under the control of Indian forces and they are bedeviling and tyrannizing them day by day. Some didn’t say anything and kept walking on without noticing what we were saying to them. Some reactions were like they were least interested as they had already seen the box in our hands and some said “ALLAH bhala kry” and, “You should focus on your studies”.

We didn’t take anything personally what people said to us and keep on exhorting people and collecting funds and we did this activity and collected as much money as we didn’t think that we will be able to collect as we did.

While doing this activity we learned a lot of things just like How to
1. Stay calm
2. Apply Sabr e jameel
3. Put Amal in action
4. Listen and bear harsh words
5. Work in team
6. Support and encourage each other
7. Encourage peoples to donate
8. Tell people “No one has become poor by giving”
9. Ek aur Ek Giara hai
And a lot more.

At the end we would like to Thank Ayesha (volunteer Guest) for supporting and helping us to raise funding.

Team Members:
1. Aqsa Mughal
2. Namra Rafique
3. Muhammad Shahid Nadeem
4. Muhammad Usman Ahmad

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