In Person Drop

In person drop means dropping your Resume by hand by meeting HR Managers at your dreamed organization. For that we must know what we want to become in future and what are our short and long term goals and we want to accomplish those goals to make our life better according to our expectations. The first thing in this scenario to note is that whether you are interested in that job and organization or just want to get a job for earning livelihood and your qualification and previous experience is relevant to that or not.

After that you have knew yourself and thoroughly examined yourself, Its time to search a dream company or job which is related to your field and area of interest and you are passionate to join that and want to make career in that company. Now you should search the name of the HR Manager and office address of the company. So, that you may go there and visit HR Manager and personally drop your Resume.

I want to join State Bank of Pakistan as its my dream to join this and play a little role in the growth of the Bank as its a central Bank of Pakistan but the procedure to apply here is only through proper channel. You can not drop Resume directly here. That’s why i chooses Finca Micro finance Bank and drop here my CV online and also Bank Al Habib and mailed the CV to Branch Manager for future consideration as there is not current openings.

During this activity I learned how to apply online other than and how to go extra mile by searching the name of the HR head and also how to update the Resume and cover letter according to the nature of job description.

At this time i dropped out Resumes online but next time i’ll go extra mile by dropping Resumes in person because according to a research done, in person drop increase your chances of being short listed, selected and hired.

At the end i would like to suggest that if you really want to work in a company or want to get your dream job. You must go for in person drop. The chances of your selection will be more than others.