Mentor is a person who is an experienced and trusted adviser and encourages you to do something in order to achieve your objectives. If you want to succeed and learn always something new in your life, you must have a person who has such courage to do so. For me, Sir Hisham Mohmand Khan and Ma’am Jaweria are those persons who enabled me that I wasn’t before. Amal Academy gave me a platform where I explored myself more deeply and Sir Hisham is one of them who encouraged me to do so. Whatever I learnt from him is a big achievement for me either in the form of being confident or exploring strengths and weaknesses etc.

Before joining Amal Academy, I was nothing even didn’t know about goals and objectives of my life. Today, I can say that I have my goals and objectives in life. I have also improved my communication skills at Amal Academy. What is the big achievement? I think it’s the big achievement to be a part of Amal Academy.

If you have humility and courage to learn something then you can get success as well. Whatever I learnt from Amal Academy, it was all about showing commitment towards learning, knowledge and wisdom. If you don’t have humility and courage, no one will be able to do so.

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