Story of My Mentor

My Mentor is my father. Because he is always there to help us and support us whenever we need. He always understands that when we need something and what we need. Right from my Childhood, he is always encourages us that don’t forget to respect others.

As he always give respect to everyone even who are not deserving. And when we asked that why you always do this and he simply said that if they are not humble and they don’t give respect to others, this is their concern and which I am doing is my concern and one day Allah will give me the reward of this humbleness.

He always supported and guide me, when I have done my graduation I said that I wanted to go in the Business field, but he wants me to do masters in English. I have applied in both departments of Punjab University. And I was qualified for both but he supported me with my interest. I learned a lot from my Father and I am always humble with him.

He did great efforts for making us able to stand in the society by giving his examples that how he completed his study.

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